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At "Make Love Your Compass™" we envision a world where compassion guides every transaction and kindness fuels every human interaction. Our e-commerce platform is more than just a marketplace; it is a celebration of kindness, compassion and love. We believe that at the core of humanity, we are all one—a global family connected by the threads of our shared existence.

In a world that often feels divided, we strive to be a beacon of light, reminding everyone that love knows no boundaries and no borders. Our vision is to create a space where every purchase is an opportunity to make a positive impact on a world in need. Through thoughtful, ethically sourced products and a commitment to giving back, we aim to spread love to every corner of the globe.

From our hearts to yours.Caterina Barregar And the Make Love Your Compass™ team. 

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What We Believe


Our vision at Make Love Your Compass™ is to foster a world where every individual feels a deep sense of belonging and care as they navigate life's paths. We dream of a future where our brand not only inspires personal transformations through love and compassion but also actively contributes to healing and support on a larger scale. We aim to grow to the point where we can partner with the travel industry and their charitable efforts, particularly in supporting mental health and addiction therapies. This collaboration will enable us to extend our impact beyond conversations and products, making a significant, positive contribution to global well-being.


Our mission at Make Love Your Compass™ is to inspire and empower individuals to navigate their life's journey with love as their guiding force. Through our diverse range of products, each bearing our distinctive brand, we aim to create a global community united by a commitment to love, kindness, and compassion. Our everyday items are not just practical; they are symbols of a movement towards a more loving world, designed to spark conversations and encourage individuals to embody our core values in their daily lives.

Core Values

Love-Centred Action: Demonstrating kindness, compassion, and understanding in tangible ways.

Empowered Authenticity: Championing individuality and genuine self-expression within our community.

Unified Diversity: Creating an inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Transformative Empowerment: Inspiring individuals to make love and compassion conscious choices in their daily lives.

Impactful Legacy: Measuring success by the positive change we inspire in the world.

Creative Innovation: Challenging the status quo with innovative solutions that promote global love and understanding.